WVU vs Alabama – Trickett vs Coker

The media is billing the WVU vs Alabama Game in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl as Clint Trickett vs Jacob Coker, due both being Florida State transfers. Since many believe that Coker is the ‘savior’ for Bama’s 2014 football team, let us do a little comparison of our own:

  • Trickett remained ahead of Coker on the FSU’s depth chart until he transferred to WVU
  • Coker has not played 4-quarters of football since high school which has been nearly 5-years.
  • Trickett had more BCS offers than Coker
  • Trickett had offers from: Arkansas, Louisville, Pitt, USF, Stanford, and from several mid- majors
  • Coker received offers from: Arkansas State, Duke, Miss State and South Alabama
  • Trickett is in his 2nd season in Holgorsen’s offense
  • Coker is in his first season at Alabama and has only had a few month to practice with  Alabama’s new Offensive Coordinator.
  • Coker is having to learn a new offense and the language that goes with it, and only a few months to work with Alabama’s receivers to their timing down.







Other important notes going into this game:

  • Alabama has one returning starter in the secondary and only five on defense
  • Alabama’s offensive strength is its running game and WVU’s defensive strength is stopping the running game
  • Alabama traditionally has one of the best run stop defenses in the nation, while both teams are believed to have one of the top corps of running backs
  • Alabama has seven returning starters on offense and WVU has seven returning starters on offense

The media has been publishing all these things, and yet, it truly believes that Alabama is going to roll-over WVU. The media has also failed to recognize that WVU goes into the game with a ‘mental advantage’ as a huge underdog.

These two teams match-up better than what the media wants everyone to believe. WVU loves being the underdog, and you can bet Holgorsen, his staff and the players are eating this up. If there is an underdog here, I see it being Alabama because:

  • WVU has depth at all positions on defense
  • WVU players have much more game experience this season due to the injuries it suffered last season
  • Trickett is now in his 2nd season in Holgorsen’s offense
  • WVU is solid at linebacker and safety
  • Worley is without a doubt one of the best corner’s found anywhere
  • The DL is solid this season
  • WVU’s offense has experience working together
  • WVU’s running backs and tight-ends are as good as any

Thus, I once again disagree with the media and discount their claim that Alabama will roll-over WVU. Alabama may be the team having a tough time trying to hang on in this one.

GO EERs!!!

Photo Credit: espn.go.com


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