WVU Football – ‘Moving On Up’

Lead-David-SillsI’m not going to dwell in the past, but rather look at the future of the WVU football team, particularly the position of quarterback. WVU fans were excited about William Crest joining the team. Crest will most likely be red-shirted for the 2014 season.

Starting in January 2015, Crest will really have to compete for the starting job, and it will not just be against Skyler Howard. Howard will be the least of Crest’s worries.

In January 2015, two more top quarterback recruits, Chris Chugunov and David Sills will be attending WVU. While William Crest will have a season under his belt, he won’t automatically have the upper-hand in this battle.

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Crest, Chugunov and Sills will definitely heat up the competition. I’m not sure Skyler Howard has a chance at being the starter. I just don’t think he brings to the table what these three quarterback have.

Howard really struggled in the spring. If Crest could have started WVU in January, then he would have had a good chance at being WVU’s starting quarterback for the 2014 season.

Some WVU fans already believe that the starting QB competition will come down to Crest and Sills. Personally, I believe that Chugunov is one of the most underrated quarterback’s I’ve seen in a long while.

Though Chugunov is rated a 3–star, and Crest and Sills have a 4-star rating, believe me Chugunov will give both of them a run for their money.

The quarterback competition for 2015 is going to be awesome. Holgorsen and his staff may have a tough time declaring a winner. But unlike 2013, no matter who is selected the starter, WVU’s football team will be in good hands.

And what makes this competition so good, is that each one of these young men, believe they can win it, and they are willing to battle for it, and more importantly they want it. They want the starting job.

With these three quarterbacks preparing to battle, and the talent and skill they bring to WVU, this should definitely improve recruiting for the entire offense.

The 2015 recruiting process is still will and alive, and with Sills, WVU has 3 other 4-star recruits for 2015: WR-Jovon  Durant, OL-Matthew Jones, and DB-Kendrell McFadden. There are eight 3-star recruits one of which is Chris Chugunov.

WVU has 14 verbal commits for the 2015 season, and I truly look for WVU to pick-up 4 or more 4-star recruits. With WVU’s running game and the quality of the recruiting over the past two years, I expect WVU recruiting to continue to improve.

4 and 5-star players on the edge with offers from WVU, may take a second look at WVU, and switch. Remember David Sills had originally committed to USC. I anticipate more of these.

WVU has other things going for it as well. Currently, 20 former WVU players are now in the NFL, and several are in the CFL. If you are a high school player with NFL or CFL hopes, why not choose WVU, especially if you feel you fit in their schema. But you had better be ready and willing to compete, for the position won’t be given to you, and you’ll need to compete at a very high level.

I truly believe when high school players see the quarterback competition for 2015, and realize what kind of team WVU is building, they will take a 2nd look at WVU, and we’ll see more 4-star recruits signing on the dotted line in February 2015. Some of these recruits may want an early start and show up in January. WVU Football is definitely “Moving On Up”!!!

Photo Credit: SportsonEarth.com


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