WVU – Media Games

Opinion – by George O’Bryan

I have been thinking about this for the past few days after WVU Athletic Director, Oliver Luck, made his statement about WVU’s football team having another losing season.

But what really got me was our nations Congress getting involve in NCAA business……………..WHAT………..What in the world is going on?

Consider the latest news. Our own Congress who refuses to govern itself, is trying to tell the NCAA how to do its job, when it can’t do the job it was elected to do.

Some of the issues our Congress is investigating is paying the players, and wanting football games with opponents within driving distance.

My issue is, Congress refuses to divulge who is paying them and paying for their political campaigns.

Until Congress has to divulge who is paying for these things, they should stay out of the NCAA, for all we know Congressional Political Campaigns maybe paid for by anyone no matter how unscrupulous.

We all know that financial and oil companies are huge contributors to their campaigns and look at the shape our nation is in.

Congress has much more important issues to deal with than the NCAA: Protecting our borders, medical insurance, shipping U.S. Jobs overseas, and importing workers.

Instead of dealing with what needs to be dealt with, they are sticking their nose into NCAA business ————— Back off, Congress.

Oliver Luck recently implied in an interview that he anticipates WVU to possibly have another losing season.

Wake up people! What Luck said in a very round-about way is that Dana Holgorsen’s job as Head Coach of the football team is safe for another year, regardless.

He did qualify that with ‘as long as the team shows improvement’. If you expect WVU to have another losing football season, why would you fire the Head Coach should it happens?

So to all my fellow sports writers (including my co-writer here), recruiters to other colleges and to all you WVU fans, Holgorsen’s job is not on the line.

All of these sports writers, analysts, and pundits should be getting used to having egg all over their faces.


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