WVU Fans: How Quickly We Change

Opinion By George O’Bryan

For over a year, there has been a group of WVU fans calling for Holgorsen’s head. They wanted him tarred-and-feathered and ran out on a rail. However, since Sill’s commitment to WVU, the whole demeanor on bulletin boards has changed. Now it seems no one wants Holgorsen to leave. Everyone wants Holgorsen to stay, so the upgrade in recruiting will continue.

Holgorsen did make some coaching and recruiting mistakes when he came to WVU as a first time HC, and this isn’t unusual. He had to get his feet wet, but as we have all seen he has overcome and continues to overcome his mistakes. Like most of us, he has learned from his mistakes. The longer Holgorsen remains as head coach at WVU the better the team will become, and the better coach Holgorsen will become.

I have listened to many big named coaches: Bobby Bowden, Nick Saban, Lou Holtz and others talk about mistakes they have made as coaches. What made these guys so good, is that they learned from their mistakes, and Holgorsen has done the same.

Holgorsen had to learn that he needs to bring in more than one QB a year, to keep competition at this position alive and well.

Those of you that believe WVU didn’t need to change are living in a dream world. WVU recruiting was down and had been for a few years before Holgorsen arrived, and as many of us can now attest, recruiting is much improved. The coaching staff, I believe, is one of the best found anywhere.

Holgorsen stated that WVU would win 4 to 7 games this season. I believe this will be closer to 7 or 8 wins. WVU is much underrated this season, and I believe that Holgorsen wants this, and likes that WVU is predicted to win only 3 to 4 games. Back in the spring Holgorsen was cocky about the product he and his coaches were putting on the field. At times he has made some very bold statements about this years team.

I am one fan that believes WVU will BEAT Alabama. I think WVU’s defense will be too much for Alabama’s offense, and that WVU’s offense and special teams, will rise to the occasion.

GO EERs!!!

2 thoughts on “WVU Fans: How Quickly We Change

  1. Holgorsen was very smug during the spring. When he spoke of the WVU Football Team he referred to it as a commodity. He stated that the fans that showed up at the spring practices would like the commodity that was being produced. He also stated that the middle of the OL was as good as any found in college football. He also bragged on WVU group of running backs, and he stated that Daryl Worley was one of the Best college corners found anywhere. He bragged on a variety of positions and players.

    If you can find Holgorsen’s spring interviews, listen to them. You’ll hear all I’m saying.

  2. You mention that Coach Holgorsen has made some bold statements this off season. I am wondering what these statements have been, as I havent had time to follow much this offseason. I did however renew my tickets and I am hoping for a good season but not expecting one this year. I am also glad you are writing again.

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