Clint Trickett Is the New Sheriff At WVU!

By: George O’Bryan

WVU Head Football Coach Dana Holgorsen made a very smart decision in naming Clint Trickett the starting QB at WVU for the 2014 Football Season. While Trickett had his struggles last season, he showed much endurance and a no quit attitude.

Why this was such a smart decision? One assumption is that announcing Trickett as the starting QB so early was done to boost ticket sales. And this is a viable assumption.

But I believe the real reason was to get Trickett and the rest of the offense more acclimated to each other. This way when the offense goes into the film room, Trickett can explain what he is seeing, how he will react, and what he expects everyone else to do.

This gets the entire offense on the same page. It also allows the offense to practice primarily with one QB. They no longer have to worry about being confused as to who is at the helm of the offense.

Trickett gained the repect of the team last season, when he stayed in games hurting, and they saw his dangling arm. Trickett wanted to win. He was accused of calling his own plays.

Holgorsen even stated after the Oklahoma State game that Trickett was running plays he hadn’t seen. Trickett was calling what he felt would work, because he didn’t quite get the calls Holgorsen was signaling in.

Trickett splitting snaps between Childress and Millard did not allow him or the rest of the offense to prepare for games. Plus, you add in that he was injured.

WVU receivers were not only dropping passes but often failed to run the right route or didn’t complete a route. Add these facts to an offensive line that was not doing a very good job blocking.

The linemen had no idea where to expect Trickett and the rest of the offensive backfield to be, and WVU had issues.

Since then. Trickett has learned Holgorsen’s play calling, and by working with the rest of the offense they will get to know what Trickett sees and where he and the offensive backfield will be.

Everyone knows how gutsy Trickett is and his desire to win. This means a great deal when taking over as the leader of the offense. Now the question is, who is going to be his backup?

We know it won’t be Skyler Howard as he has been red-shirted. William Crest will most likely be red-shirted since he will not get a lot of time to work with the offense, with Trickett being named the starter.

Paul Millard is just not mobile and he is a gunslinger. The most likely choice for the back-up position is Logan Moore. He is very mobile, is a more accurate passer than Millard and he gets the ball out of his hand quicker.

Moore would the better back-up behind Trickett, as he brings many of the same traits to the offense. Although listed last season as a receiver, he was the Scout Team quarterback. This adds substantially to his credentials.

With a loaded offensive backfield, and a defense poised to not to be embarrassed, this team is hungry. “Leave No Doubt,” this team will come to win and play like winners.

While I know WVU will have a much improved season over last year, I look for Holgorsen to have even better years than 2014. Yes, folks! The Mountaineers are on the move up. They may be taking names and kicking butts this season, and next season they should be even better.


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