WV Home-Growns Who Saw Action Against ECU

Several native West Virginians saw action against ECU


WVU Falls to VT

WVU Falls to the Sooners 56 – 59

I put off writing this article until today, for I was upset over the loss. I was upset with Grier’s 2 fumbles that Oklahoma recovered and scored on. I was upset over the helmet to helmet hit on WVU WR Marcus Simms, for which there was no penalty. I was upset with refs negating two […]
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WVU Sweeps Texas with 47 -10 Win over TCU

Four of the Big 12 Teams are out Texas: Baylor, Texas, Texas Christian University (TCU) and Texas Tech (TT). This season WVU beat all 4 of these institutions. Baylor 14. WVU 58 Texas 41.  WVU 42 TCU  10.    WVU 47 TT 34.       WVU 42   WVU has also beat both Kansas […]
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Big 12 Football Officiating Is A Joke

Here is a video of Texas HC and his player making fun of the Missouri QB http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=21901355 Football officials in the Big 12 have become the laughing stock of college football, and neither the Big 12 or NCAA is doing anything to clean it up. Just watch the above video. No penalties were accessed. Texas […]
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I am sitting here after reading the latest articles on West Virginia University’s football depth-chart for 2018. Today is Wednesday, March 21, 2018 and much of the east coast got snow last night and today, because it is officially the 1st day of spring. I don’t see much difference between these two. There are positives […]
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Looking Back at WVU’s 2017

West Virginia finished the season 5 – 4 in conference play and 7 – 6 on the season. For the 2nd straight year, WVU’s biggest loss came at the hands of Oklahoma. West Virginia didn’t look as bad in their bowl loss this season as they last season. What has been missing from WVU since […]
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A Lack of Offense Hurts WVU In The Heart of Dallas Bowl

With QB Will Grier, OL Kyle Bosch and OL Yodney Cajuste all missing from the line up due to injuries the WVU offense was basically non-existent against Utah. The offensive line got little to no push to open holes for the running game. WVU rushed for only 29 yards. Some folks may believe that RB […]
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With the Dust Settled on Early Signing

With the dust settled on the new early signing day, WVU still has a few scholarships open. Dante Stills, a WV home-grown, became the face of WVU’s 1st early signing class. WVU still needs a Tight-End. The lack of depth and talent at Tight-End is what has kept WVU, under Holgersen, from using this position […]
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WVU’s Defense A No Show Against Oklahoma

This was the 2nd straight year WVU was no match for Oklahoma. In 2016, WVU lost to Oklahoma 28 –  56, and this year the score wasn’t much different for WVU lost 31 – 59. In both games the Sooners scored quickly on almost on every drive. WVU came into this year’s game with a […]
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