WV Home-Growns Who Saw Action Against ECU

Several native West Virginians saw action against ECU


WVU Falls to VT

WVU’s Lack of Respect Is Glaring

While listening to ESPN last night the announcers stated that they didn’t understand why WVU’s Will Grier wasn’t in the QB conversation, for he is one of the top ranked college QB’s in the nation. Grier is the 6th ranked QB in the nation according to the College Football Statistics (http://www.cfbstats.com/2017/leader/national/player/split01/category02/sort01.html) and according to ProFootball Focus […]
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WVU – Off The Top

There are a bunch of negative articles about the Big 12 officials who in WVU’s loss to TCU – and rightly so. WVU Head Coach Dana Holgorsen, his assistant coaches, and the players refused to say anything negative about the officiating. I thing this was more due to rules than anything else, plus I’m sure […]
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Be Proud of This WVU Team

WVU lost to TCU, but as a fan you have to be proud of this team. These kids fought hard. No one is going to perfect on every play, and no coach is going to be perfect. We are humans and not Gods! And being human we all make mistakes and the only way to […]
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WVU Comes Up Short Against TCU

WVU was a 14pt underdog going to play TCU, but they hung in and came up short. The Mountainees have now lost 2 games, and both losses were against ranked teams. They lost to VT 24 – 31, and lost to TCU 24 – 31. WVU QB Will Grier completed 25 of 45 passes for […]
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Where WVU Truly Lacks Depth

We keep hearing WVU needs depth at receiver, and I agree, but if you think about it, WVU has 4 quality receivers and 3 running backs, plus a fullback/tight end who can catch. From where I sit that is 8 quality receivers. The place the Mountaineers need depth the most is on the offensive line. […]
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ECU vs WVU: What WVU Fans Learned

ECU vs WVU wasn’t an exciting game, but WVU fans learned a few things: Will Grier is as good as advertised Backup QB Chris Chugunov is an accurate passer and just needs playing time to develop running the offense. WR Marcus Simms is as fast as reported and runs excellent routes. FG Kicker Mike Molina […]
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